Camila Cabello Positively Reacts to Austin Mahone’s Statement that Becky G is His First Real Relationship

She admits though that she is so excited with how things have been happening for her lately in terms of her career and love life. She also acknowledged her fans for being so supportive of her while she makes her journey.

Becky G said that she is in such a happy and good place at the moment and she thinks everybody can see that in her and she finds it really cool that she can proudly share it to her fans with them appreciating her for it.

Because of the very successful collaboration between Austin Mahone and Becky G in her “Lovin’ So Hard” music video, there is a possibility of another music collaboration between the two of them very soon.

Becky G said that she and Austin continue to make music together. They have been working on a song that she hopes can make it to her new album. She also hopes that the new music gets out soon so that fans can hear it too.

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