Boom Beach Gets a Large Update Soon, Ending the Wait!

Supercell have been working hard to improve “Boom Beach” and they have been preparing a new major update that is possibly scheduled for release next week according to some reports, after much anticipation from the community and speculation about what features the update might include. From what we’ve seen, the studio is looking to make the game quite a lot more expansive and they have ramped up the strategic potential in various ways. At the same time, the title should become more accessible to newcomers in various small ways.

There are new buildings that players will be able to construct, including the War Room Sauna and Spa, as well as a Shield Generator which will likely add a lot to the gameplay for those who like to take a more defensive approach. Some have been worried that this might slow down the pace of the gameplay and make the game more mundane, but on the other hand, it should also promote more active thinking.

The game is overall going to give players more options for both attacking as well as defending, so it will be interesting to see how the gameplay is going to evolve as a result of this release. It’s very likely that some old strategies that were popular in the past will no longer be valid, while on the other hand we expect new ones to pop up in their place, and we’re curious to see how creative players can get when it comes to thinking of ways to combine the gameplay features they have access to.

Supercell have been careful with adding new features for this very reason, and when the studio decides to do something new with the gameplay it’s usually the result of careful consideration. The company has a very clear direction for the design of this game and they know what they are doing with it, and they have demonstrated that through various patches and improvements through the weeks that it’s been on the market.

And for this reason, fans have been optimistic for what they might get in the future as well. There is still a lot of potential in this game and there is quite a lot that Supercell can do to spice up its gameplay and make it even more interesting. We’re curious to see what they might decide to do in terms of improving the skill ceiling and making the whole game deeper and more thought-provoking.

Players seem to always have plenty of options for this, so the studio can always check out some community forums if they aren’t sure about how they can approach this. But of course, from what we’ve seen from Supercell so far, they definitely seem to have a grip on their design direction and they know what they want to achieve at any time. With that in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if they actually already have a plan drawn up for the future updates that will come after this one.

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As for the current update, while we still don’t know exactly when it’s scheduled to come out, some have been speculating that it will happen next week, due to the frequency of releasing the various Sneak Peeks. The studio seems to have a certain style when it comes to releasing those previews for their updates, and if they follow the same trend as before, then we are going to see the update released to the public very soon.

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