Black Ops 3 Launch Trailer Further Ramps Up the Hype, Fans Excited about New Game!

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” is almost here, and the series is going to get a great new installment with this game from what we can tell so far. A lot of effort is being put into its marketing, which is completely typical for Activision and especially for this particular franchise, and we expect that there will be a lot of attention towards it once it launches. At the same time, Activision and Treyarch have been working hard to convince their fans that this is the installment they’ve always wanted, and that this game is going to fix the problems that the franchise has had in the past.

It’s true that “Call of Duty” has gone through a lot over the time, and the series is definitely not how it originally started. It evolved from World War 2 to modern times and to the near future, and now it’s taken on an interesting new form that has been somewhat controversial among fans, but most people seem to enjoy the game and what it has become.

“Black Ops 3” in particular has been doing a lot of good for the franchise with its preview, as the game is coming with various improvements that should make it a much more dynamic, thrilling experience, and the perfect game for those who like fast-paced explosive action. There was some worrying in the community of the franchise around the release of “Ghosts” as some fans believed that the game was moving in the wrong direction and that it was becoming too slow, but that wasn’t the case once “Advanced Warfare” came out, and it was clear that the last entry was just a poorly managed mishap by Infinity Ward.

The problem seems to be more within Infinity Ward themselves, according to fans, as the studio is not what they used to be, and they are a shell of their former self more than anything else. There have been various problems with their development style ever since “Modern Warfare 2”, and those problems have only been getting more serious with time.

”Ghosts” was widely regarded as the worst entry in the series and it disappointed fans significantly, but now it looks like the franchise has been picking back up and fans are going to get some very exciting new entries in “Black Ops 3” and possibly beyond it as well.

Treyarch have always had a good approach to this franchise and they seem to know what their fans want to see, and have been working hard to please everyone as much as possible. The studio has made a long climb since the beginning when they were regarded in much the same way like Infinity Ward are now. They are currently considered to be the best developed on the franchise, and we are excited like most fans to see what they have been preparing for this installment and how it’s going to reshape the franchise as a whole.

call of duty black ops 3

“Black Ops 3” is going to be particularly interesting for its specialist system, which is going to give players access to various kinds of unique tools and weapons organized among nine different classes, and the game is going to put a lot of emphasis on customization and exploring the different gameplay features that it offers. It sounds like players are going to get a very deep, extensive game in this installment, and this “Call of Duty” might be talked about for quite a while.

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