Jurassic World 2 Already Being Discussed, Bryce Dallas Howard Wants no More Heels in Sequel, And More!

Now that “Jurassic World” has been released after so much anticipation and speculation surrounding the film, fans have started talking about the possibility of a sequel already. This is probably not that surprising as it’s not very rare for popular films and other forms of media to get discussions about their sequels as soon as they are out on the market, and in the case of “Jurassic World”, there is definitely a lot of potential in there for at least one more film.

According to some publications, some of the original’s fans found some scenes in the film a bit funny, and one of them in particular stood out the most – the one where Bryce Dallas Howard was running around in high heels, something which was seen as very comical by many fans and people are still discussing the scene at the moment.

And even though Howard is already interested in participating in the sequel in the future, she claimed that she will not repeat the whole ordeal of running in high heels and she wants some normal footwear if she is to reprise her role. It sounds like her pleas will be answered too, as Colin Trevorrow has admitted that the actress needs some more solid shoes on her feet in order to perform properly, and he is going to provide her with the right kind of shoes for the new film.

In fact, when Trevorrow contacted Howard to let her know about the sequel, he actually sent her a message with the hashtag “#NoHeels2018”, as a small joke to remind her that he’s already thinking of her well-being for the sequel and he’s not going to “cut any corners” for this film. Obviously, fans got their hopes up quite a bit after seeing this being talked about, as it was an additional confirmation that we’re going to see a new film in the franchise in a few years.

More importantly, the message also implies that the sequel is coming in 2018, which sounds like a reasonable plan for producing a film like that, and we wouldn’t be surprised if work on the new film has already started with full force and there are some active developments on that front.

Are fans going to appreciate Howard’s acting a little better in the new film? According to her, she was happy that people understood her troubled situation and this didn’t leave a mark on the way they received her work, but on the other hand, she could have apparently done the role a lot better if she had been able to move around more freely. The actress seems convinced that she could deliver an even better performance if she is able to move as much as she wants to, so we can’t wait to see what she is going to come up with for her performance in the next film, and how she is going to portray her role there when that production rolls around.

Jurassic World

It’s worth noting that Howard was appreciative of her own role’s plausibility in that film, claiming that there really was no other way to pull off that scene without the dreaded heels on her feet. She explained that the character she was representing was in such a situation that it wouldn’t really make much sense for her to be wearing anything else. And because of that, she had to power through the scene and do everything possible to make it look real.

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