Better Call Saul Season 2 Makes a Solid Return by Exploring the Hows of Jimmy McGill’s Transition!

It was actually the reason why Jimmy was arrested and listed as a registered sex offender. But his brother Chuck was able to sort things out for him and he has become indebted to him since.

Showrunner Peter Gould hinted that Season 2 of “Better Call Saul” will build on the decisions made by Jimmy and the other characters of the TV series during the previous season.

He said that so much of what will happen in Season 2 is wrapped up in the DNA of the decisions of the show’s characters during Season 1. He said that it is one of the things that makes “Better Call Saul” feel like a united whole.

Gould also said that Season 2 will also see Jimmy’s ability to bounce back will be put to the test. He said that Jimmy is the kind of guy who always pulls himself back up every time he gets knocked down.

Peter Gould also elaborated that Saul is like Jimmy in the sense that the former always searches for another way to get to his destination.

He added that Saul is distinct from Jimmy because he does not draw as many lines morally. Saul is willing to look at possibilities that Jimmy would not even consider.

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