Bellamy and Clarke Romance in ‘The 100’ on hold in the Season 5

The 100 loyalists and fans may be disappointed for a while now that Bellamy played by Bob Morley and Clarke’s, played by Eliza Taylor, relationship will be put on hold for a while in the upcoming 5th Season.

Showrunner and series creator Jason Rothenberg hints to TV Guide that the romance between the two might-be lovers would probably the last thing in their minds in the new installment.

The two have separate responsibilities and focus in the new season that it presumes it might be difficult for the romance to seep through. For six years in the Ark, Bellamy must lead the other survivors to return to the ground.

For Clarke, a lot of events have happened in the years being alone while the rest of the humanity left. Even she has a Nightblood, Maddie, with her, she still feels lonely without her people. When part of her people returns, she is expected to lead the pack again for their survival.

In the last season’s finale, Clarke engages with a rogue spaceship that came out of nowhere. Based on the synopsis presented for the premiere, whoever are inside the ship is certainly not allies and she needs to find out yet if they’re an enemy. It may be possible that whoever inside came to take over. Clarke needs all the help she can get but Bellamy and the others are still stuck in the Ark.

A confession of love is just what the fans need but Rothenberg says that might happen but not so soon yet.

Rothenberg says to an interview in TV Guide, “What I always say about questions in this area is you never know.” He added, “I don’t want to spoil anything. I don’t want to say what’s going to happen and then have it not happen or vice versa, because it’s always evolving”

Commenting on the relationship of the two, “Those guys are amazing together. They’re really the heart of the show on some level. It’s been their story since the beginning and it’s their story today and you never know.”

This is the problem with some epic TV series. When it starts great and kills off a lot of main characters, the fans then eventually pick who to kill or not. I beg of you, producers, do not give in to fan service. Stick to your original and amazing script. Keep it interesting.

You may need to make the fans happy but I still personally believe that you can still make them happy with your own original script that’s interesting and unique. On the other note, Monty played by Christopher Larkin, will be busy managing his love life in the new season. According to Larkin, Monty might be involved with Harper played by Chelsey Reist.

bellamy and ClarkeHe believes that they share a special relationship and that there will be a huge change in their dynamics. He knows he owes his life to her after saving him from the apocalypse.

Romance will always be inevitable in a surviving world. Fans just need to be a little patient more if they want Bellamy and Clarke together.

Season 5 of The 100 is expected to be aired in 2018.

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  1. Oh hell no we aren’t waiting any longer we have been waiting for 5 fucking years 😡 Bellarke is the endgame I wish the author was the director instead and start season 1 all over like sj did in the books f u Jason

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