Belgian Royals Touring China, Queen Mathilde Taking Inspiration from Kate Middleton? Let’s See

The rumors claim that the couple has been engaged in a “baby battle” over their children, as they have been having some conflict over taking care of them. We don’t know the exact details of the situation nor how deep the issue goes exactly, but if the rumors are true, this story likely won’t stay secret for too long.

In fact, some of the rumors have been even more worrying, claiming that there have been issues of jealousy in the family and that Prince Charles was growing increasingly displeased with the amount of time that Michael and Carole Middleton spend with Prince George.

He felt like he was being isolated from his grandson, according to reports, but we haven’t heard any comments on the situation from other people involved. And of course, what we’ve heard about Prince Charles himself has been in the form of rumors only so far, so we don’t know how reliable that information is either. The Royal couple have definitely been out of the public spotlight for a while now though.

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