Belgian Royals Touring China, Queen Mathilde Taking Inspiration from Kate Middleton? Let’s See

One of the things people associate the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton with, is her strong sense of style and fashion, and her ability to truly make herself look good in a variety of combinations of clothes. It’s common that we’ll see the Duchess wearing something extravagant and eye-catching and making the headlines with yet another amazing appearance. And this kind of reputation has been following her around very actively.

And now, it would appear that the Queen of Belgium has been taking some inspiration from that style. Queen Mathilde showed up with an amazing red dress and a matching hat, appearing in Shanghai together with her husband King Philippe. The dress she wore was quite similar to one we saw worn by Kate Middleton in 2012, an Alexander McQueen model.

The box clutch that Queen Mathilde carried around was also similar to one we saw in the hands of Kate Middleton, and she wore matching lipstick and a set of pearl earrings as well. She and her husband were in town for a set of official meetings and events, including a tour of a hospital. Kate Middleton has been seen with her red dress at two high-profile events, one of which was the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012, and then another event at a garden party in the Buckingham Palace in 2014.

Her husband was quite stylish himself, with a dark blue suit and orange tie. All in all, it was clear that the pair pay a lot of attention to how they carry themselves in public, and even though Queen Mathilde may be taking some obvious inspiration from Kate Middleton, there’s actually nothing wrong with that as long as she adds her own unique touch to it. Which, so far, she’s been doing quite well.

The couple’s visit in Shanghai was followed by a trip to Suzhou and Shenzhen, ending with their return to Belgium on June 28. All throughout her trip, Queen Mathilde has been very impressive in her looks and she definitely knows how to make herself stand out. Heads were reportedly turning all the time as the two were walking down the streets of Shanghai, and we can easily imagine this scenario given their carefully prepared appearance.

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Meanwhile, we haven’t heard much about Kate Middleton on the official front, as she has been busy with her motherly duties. We have been hearing some rumors about her life as a mother together with Prince Charles, but those haven’t been confirmed yet. They have appeared a few times in the media already though.

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