Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice And The Green Lantern Rumor, More Details!

In order to keep from spoiling anything about the movie Amboyer just kept it low key stating that he “filmed good ones” in reference to the types scenes that he was a part of as a “drone pilot”. Just as with other movies, speculation is all part of it as much of them are kept as secret as possible to preserve story lines.

Superhero movies might even have an additional layer of secrecy in them in order to protect future story lines, but the internet has a great way of picking things apart to find out what is at the core. In order to keep fans coming back for more, Marvel has perfected the last scene of each movie to show what to expect in the next.

DC Cinematic Universe is likely to do the same and by having an actor playing a “drone pilot” in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but ultimately becoming the Green Lantern down the line is pure genius.

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