Avatar 2 and the Current State of Computer Graphics: When Will the Industry Be Ready to Finish the Film?

Above all though, fans seem to be interested in seeing Cameron put modern technology to good use. Digital rendering is getting better and better, and even though the director is keeping his lips tightly sealed about his exact plans, we can imagine that he has something spectacular in mind.

And considering that a large part of the success of “Avatar” was due to its visual design and overall art style, it’s easy to understand why so many people would be excited to see how things have evolved over several years between the first film and its sequel. In the meantime, various new productions have come out that showed us some pretty impressive graphics.

Last but not least, one rumor that we’ve heard about the plot of “Avatar 2” is that the film is going to be a lot more emotional than the original, and might be a difficult sight for some fans of the first “Avatar”, at least in some of its parts.

The original film already had some pretty strong emotional moments, and we’re not sure how much farther this concept can be taken without altering the main point of the production, but we have confidence in Cameron that he knows what he’s doing. Plus, this is just a rumor and hasn’t been referenced by Cameron himself so far, for what it’s worth.

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