Avatar 2 and the Current State of Computer Graphics: When Will the Industry Be Ready to Finish the Film?

When “Avatar” came out in 2009, it broke new grounds in cinema and showed everyone that CGI has a lot of unexplored potential. The film is still remembered fondly, but at this point it’s been six years without a sequel. Reports indicated that the production of “Avatar 2” started in 2014, but it’s starting to seem a bit unlikely that we’re going to see the film anytime soon, at least according to James Cameron himself.

According to the director, the problem is actually that the current state of technology isn’t good enough for what he wants to do with the film. He has several interesting ideas that he wants to bring to the screen, both for “Avatar 2” and its confirmed sequel, “Avatar 3”, but some of those ideas would require technology that isn’t quite there yet.

He claimed that he wanted to explore the underwater part of Pandora in more detail, something which would require more complicated filming and post-processing. We don’t know if that’s an example of an idea that’s limited by the current state of technology, but it really does sound like an interesting addition to the film’s world that we would like to see.

In fact, Cameron hasn’t specified what kinds of technological advancements he’s missing specifically, but we can only assume that he has something truly unusual and amazing in mind. The only small detail that we know is that part of it may have something to do with motion capture. But in the end, rendering tech is actually in quite the good state right now, and we can definitely do a lot with modern graphics than we were able to before.

On the other hand, some things take a lot of time to render, even in advanced rendering farms, and for a production like “Avatar 2”, we can only imagine how much information has to be processed in a center like this. Studios like Disney are known to have huge server clusters for the rendering of their films, and Cameron might need to look into similar technology if he wants to produce “Avatar 2” in time.

What about the third part? This is something that has had fans curious for some time. It’s not that often that a film would get not one, but two sequels confirmed practically at the same time, and it’s even rarer for a production as massive as “Avatar”. But Cameron wanted to make it clear that this is meant to be a trilogy, and he’s going to execute it as one.

Indeed, the way “Avatar” ended certainly left the door open for various interesting developments in the future, and fans have been excited to see how the story is going to be expanded. The film might even head in an entirely new direction for its two sequels, and Cameron may find it hard to squeeze all of his ideas in the tight space that two sequels would provide him.

avatar 2

What are the implications for “Avatar 2” now that we know that there will be a third part? Some fans have been worried that the new film might end with too many cliffhangers, settings up the story for part 3. And while it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be some unresolved business at the end of “Avatar 2”, we hope that the film will still get a good enough conclusion to its main plot threads and won’t leave fans waiting for all the details until “Avatar 3” is ready. Cameron should be very careful in choosing what to leave for the third film and what to explore in the second.

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