‘Arrow’ Season 5 Executive Producer Speaks About Thea Queen’s Absence and Possible Return of Katie Cassidy in the Series!

“Arrow” Season 5 is about to reach the end of the flashback stories of Oliver Queen but it does not mean the end of the TV series as well. In fact, reports already confirmed that “Arrow” is already confirmed for Season 6.

In terms of the current storyline, Team Arrow is seemingly stuck in the middle of revisiting the past with the Russian mafia organization called the Bratva.

Previously, fans saw the show’s newly introduced female badass character named Talia Al Ghul and how she relates to Oliver’s mysterious past. Team Arrow’s quest to Russia began as they attempt to bring down the main villain, Prometheus.

As revealed, Talia is the key person Oliver has been looking for in order to help him recognize the true identity of Prometheus. But the story did not only revolve in her possible return but also Oliver trying to revisit his past in Russia.

Team Arrow was on their mission to prevent the nuclear arms deal made by the fugitive named General Walker, who happens to be part of Oliver’s past as well during his early vigilante training with Talia Al Ghul.

While episode 12, entitled “Bratva,” had to dwell on a new setting and catastrophic consequences that certainly had the characters in trouble, many viewers have noticed and started wondering why Oliver’s step sister, Thea Queen, has been missing in action for three consecutive episodes already.

It can be recalled that Thea Queen, played by Willa Holland, was last seen in episode 9 entitled “What We Leave Behind.” It seems to have been hinted in the latest episode during the opening scene with Oliver and his current reporter girlfriend, Susan Williams.

“Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim has an explanation as to why Thea is not with the team as of the current episode. He revealed during the press screening on February 13 that Willa Holland has signed a contract for fourteen episodes only out of the total of 23 for “Arrow” Season 5.

This means that Thea Queen is out of nine episodes of the current fifth season of “Arrow” despite being considered a regular cast member and also an important member of Team Arrow.

Speaking of contracts, Katie Cassidy seems to have the same issue which is why she had to sporadically appear only in the TV series in the current fifth season. But it has previously been said that the actress will be a series regular on the whole DC Comic-based shows on The CW including “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “Supergirl.”

Because of the special arrangement for the actress in the four TV series, Guggenheim said that they were not able to confirm Katie Cassidy as a regular cast member for “Arrow.”

However, the showrunner said that they are not closing the show’s doors for Cassidy’s character to possible make a comeback on the show, which already happened a few episodes back. He said that they have already planned out an idea on what they want to do for her character in the event her formal return is finalized soon.

The executive producer cited that process on trying to retain the actors for the series is complicated as they have to make sure that they are available during the production since some of them also have other commitments in other shows.

Katie Cassidy last appeared in episode 10, titled “Who Are You?” reprising her role as Laurel Lance. But during the episode, it was revealed that she was the Earth-2 evil alter-ego, Black Siren, who was under Prometheus’ control and whose objective is to trick Team Arrow.

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