Arrow Season 4 Gearing Up For Show’s Best Season Yet; First Look of the Season Highlights Olicity! reports that when producers designed the lair, they considered how Oliver’s group is now much larger compared to the time when it was just him, Diggle and Felicity. Showrunner Guggenheim states that the funny thing about the lair is that it has a space where everyone can meet as well as a personal space for each member of Team Arrow.

While Roy Harper left town last season, the next season will witness Thea Queen’s Speedy in action as well as Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance fully stepping up as the Black Canary. Melty reports that more Laurel-centric episodes are up ahead to focus on her and her alter ego. Another familiar face will be returning and it’s a fan favorite.

Charlotte Ross will return to the show’s sixth episode to reprise her role as Donna aka Mama Smoak. While the details of her visit are still under wraps, speculations say that she brings along news about Felicity’s dad. Quite frankly, it’s time to give a face and a name to the person Felicity owes her incredible knowledge to.

The upcoming season will also be focusing on H.I.V.E and Damien Darhk which will be played by Neal McDonough. Darhk was revealed to be a nemesis of Ra’s Al Ghul and on Season 4, it’s his time to be the big bad. Season 4 will also see the resurrection of Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance, courtesy of the Lazarus Pit, to be the White Canary before her “Legends of Tomorrow” role.

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