‘The Incredibles 2’ Likely to Come Out Before ‘Frozen 2’ Does in 2018!

After the D23 Expo held recently in Anaheim, California, speculations on the release date of the sequel to the 2004 superhero animation film “The Incredibles” started coming out as a result of the hint given by John Lasseter, head of Pixar Animation.

In an interview with reporters during the event, Lasseter confirmed that Brad Bird will return to direct “The Incredibles 2” and also revealed that the director has already found a great story for the sequel, details the Vine Report.

The Pixar chief said that now that Brad Bird has finished his work on “Tomorrowland,” he and the people from Pixar are already developing the story but he cannot say anything more beyond that.

As for the possible release date of the movie, Lasseter hinted that “The Incredibles 2” was not talked about during the recently concluded D23 Expo because it will become part of the next D23 Expo.

The next D23 Expo in the US will happen in the summer of 2017, thus giving fans and critics alike the notion that the movie will come out anytime from November 22, 2017 to June 15, 2018, details the Ecumenical News.

While Disney has yet to make an announcement to either confirm or deny the rumored release date range of “The Incredibles 2,” what is clear at this point is that the movie will definitely come out on cinemas ahead of “Frozen 2,” which has been rumored to debut in theaters in 2018.

The most that Disney made regarding the movie is a teaser that was posted on its Twitter page featuring a logo of “The Incredibles 2” and captioning it with ‘Two soon’ and putting it on hashtag of #D23EXPO, indicating that the movie’s full details and even its first official trailer will be launched in a future D23 Expo event.

Starting production soon

There have been rumors in June that “The Incredibles 2” will start production before the end of the year but with a release date of 2017 or 2018, it looks like a 2015 production start-up is out of the question because it will come off too early.

It is likely that Director Brad Bird is doing pre-production work this year before filming and full production begins next year. The rumors about the production date of “The Incredibles 2” started with Bird himself when he said sometime in April that he will start working on “The Incredibles 2” after “Tomorrowland.”

“Tomorrowland” has hit worldwide theaters on May 9, 2015, so it is likely that Director Bird has already begun pre-production around this time. He could have proceeded to production if the earlier reported playdate of late 2016 has been maintained.

But now that 2016 seems out of the question as far as the release date is concerned, it seems like a 2015 production start-up is unlikely.

However, until Disney Pictures or Pixar makes the announcement to either confirm or deny the rumors and reports currently going around about “The Incredibles 2,” these are all mere speculations at this time.

Not a footnote in the current superhero genre

Brad Bird also said previously that he does not want to disclose so much detail about “The Incredibles 2” given the influx of superhero movies these days. He said that he does not want “The Incredibles 2” to be reduced into a footnote or a commentary on the current state of the superhero genre.

Director Bird has confirmed a few months ago that he is already busy working on the script of the sequel to the very successful 2004 animated film from Disney and Pixar “The Incredibles.”

the incredibles 2

During the recent premiere of his latest film for Disney pictures “Tomorrowland,” Director Bird talked about the upcoming sequel to “The Incredibles.”

He said that a lot of superhero films have been made since “The Incredibles,” making the genre looked like an athletic field that just kind of dried up dirt now with a few clumps of grass.

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