‘Arrow’ Season 4 Features New Costume for Stephen Amell as Green Arrow!

Fans were not the only ones excited to see the latest costume of Stephen Amell in the upcoming “Arrow” Season 4 since the actor himself eagerly revealed his new uniform via social media before his “WWE Summer Slam 2015” match on August 23.

Before entering the ring for “Summer Slam 2015,” Amell brought out his Green Arrow uniform from his gym bag. This provided another preview of what fans will see in the upcoming fourth season of “Arrow.” The actor further teased in his Facebook Live post that bringing his new uniform is a must, alluding that he will not be coming to his wrestling match without it. Given the entertainment nature of WWE events, Amell’s participation in “Summer Slam 2015” has heightened fan anticipation and excitement for “Arrow” Season 4.

Even in the pre-show of the wrestling match, Amell gave spoilers by sharing that the world in the new “Arrow” will become bigger and that the series will be getting into mystical things. In addition, the actor said that the storyline of the fourth installment will be appreciated by DC Comic fans of the “Green Arrow: Year One” series.

The showrunner of “Arrow,” Marc Guggenheim, was quick to support Amell’s statement in his interview with TV Insider. According to Guggenheim, the team of The CW TV series is really planning to introduce magic and mysticism in the upcoming season.

Team Arrow’s new headquarters

Aside from revealing the theme of the story, the executive producer of the show released a screenshot to unveil the current progress of the “Arrow” Season 4.

A picture along with a caption that says ‘Arrow Season 4 trailer, in progress,’ showed a change in the name of the series’ city. In the previous installments of “Arrow,” the characters’ place was known as Starling City. However, in the teaser image, fans can already read Star City. Some speculated that the change of the hero from being the Arrow to becoming a Green Arrow must mean entering a new era for the whole TV series. Thus, the city’s name was transformed as well.

Aside from the new city name, some recent spoilers also revealed that there will be a new headquarters for Team Arrow. According to Guggenheim’s recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the new lair will be known as the Arrow Bunker within Star City. The concept art for the latest headquarters of Team Arrow was exclusively revealed to EW and the showrunner explained that the new bunker divided the large space into smaller spaces in order for the characters to work on their specific area.

For example, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) can work on a particular location within the headquarters while Oliver (Amell) can work out in another area. The executive producer promised that the whole Season 4 of “Arrow” will show many different places of the lair in order to give the viewers the idea of how the place got bigger compared to the first three seasons of the TV series.

Upcoming episodes

Arrow Season 4

In Guggenheim’s July 12 tweet, he revealed that filming for the upcoming season’s first episode started on July 13 and it will be titled “Green Arrow,” which gave fans the idea when they will get to see the actual transformation of the hero.

The storyline for the season’s premiere was made by Greg Berlanti and Beth Schwartz while Guggenheim himself and a new co-showrunner Wendy Mericle wrote it. The “Green Arrow” episode will be directed by Thor Freudenthal.

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