Arnold Schwarzenegger Packs a Punch with His New “The New Celebrity Apprentice” Catchphrase “You’re Terminated”

Boy George steered Team Arete, but Kressley was the most outstanding player, who thought of their catchphrase, I came, I saw, I contoured; off the top of his head. They decided that their trick would be to demonstrate how easy it is by having the straight guys (Iseman, Dickerson, Williams, Sonnen, Neil, and Lovitz) put on the products on the models at the event while offering an explanation more about the line.

After the completion of the presentations, in the boardroom, Banks said that Prima had great energy but lacked some of the talking points and that she felt it was wrong that none of the women on the team, in essence, used the products on themselves.

Team Arete, on the other hand, demonstrated a greater understanding of the product, and she liked that each and every man came out to sell the products.

Schwarzenegger declared Team Arete, the winner, and the women were left to fight it out. They in its place chose to debate, as to why they should not have lost. Out of them it was Keagan, who had been shown fidgeting around on her phone during the planning session, was thrown under the bus by Williams, the project manager.

Keagan andPolizzi were thrown up for the elimination; and in the elimination round, Polizzi got nominated. Stay tuned to us for more news and updates.

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