Ariana Grande Likely to Have a Short-Lived Stint in “Scream Queens”

She was even praising nearly everyone for doing well during their class and also in the private like in the restroom.

Ariana got a rude awakening for a mischievous act she committed on the Fourth of July. She and her new boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, one of her backup dancers, went to the Wolfee Donuts on July 4 at Lake Elsinore in California.

While they were queuing at the counter waiting for their orders to be taken, Ariana mischievously licks a couple of the donuts displayed on top of the counter shelves. While her beau certainly found it funny, the store’s security cameras caught it on film. Worst, she was also overheard on video saying that she hates America and that she also hates Americans.

So when the video was released on the internet, Ariana was caught in the middle of a shameful incident that many have referred to as Donutgate 2015, in reference to the Watergate scandal that caused the resignation of an American president from his position back in the early 70s.

There was no denying that she did and said what she has done or spoke about because the video really showed her licking the donuts and also heard her uttering discriminatory remarks against America and its people.


  1. It’s giving people what they want. To see the donut licker’s character get butchered like a turkey.

  2. Saw the trailer. Garbage.

    Maybe it would have gotten more viewers if she had been defending herself with a box of Krispy Kremes and moaning her hatred of Americans with her last dying breath.

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