Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Almost Sure to Launch in September

The processor is said to be better and faster although at this point in time, the A9 microprocessor has yet to officially come out from production

The iPod Touch 6th Generation shall come out in two display size variants – a 4.7-inch screen size version and a 5.5-inch display size and both versions will apparently feature Retina display which means excellent resolutions.

Finally, the iPod Touch 6th Generation is reportedly coming out of the box with the iOS 9 already on it. Reports have it that the latest Apple mobile operating system is now on its final beta-testings and it is likely that it will be rolling out any time before September, giving the iPod Touch 6th Generation the perfect prelude.

The Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation shall come in six different colors including silver, pink, red, blue, space grey, and yellow. It will have 1GB of RAM and the internal memory can be upgraded to as much as 128GB through a microSD card.

The iPod Touch 6th Generation will come in seven different colors including pink, yellow, blue, silver, space grey, and the rumored gold edition.


  1. Apple will release a new iPod touch but up to know no one knows the actual specs. However here are several options will release one size only 4.7inch. Leaving time and room for a newer version with larger size as a option in future

    2. There will be no sd memory card slot. Apple will not sacrifice it’s storage for third party memory makers to make money and loose potential cloud storage income or chances of memory card slot being able to damage the player and receive additional repairs

    3 this item is a stepping stone towards future apple products and will be a important category as to not help grow a new competitor who will and might build a similar Eco system with a music player

    4 the parts will be available as iPhone 6 6/s sales decrease in time

    All in all it will be announced around sept 2015 and true rumors should start to emerge around end of July last week starting

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