Adam Lambert Has A New Album Out And It’s Streaming Via Internet Connection Near You!

By now we all know the name Adam Lambert. He was a contestant on the popular American Idol television show and from there pretty much became a household name even though he did not win. He made it all the way to the finals on the show in the eighth season, but was not selected as the winner. That did not slow down his career by any means and he has been going strong since 2009. Adam Lambert released “For Your Entertainment” in 2009 and that is when the touring started.

His first album sold almost 200,000 copies in the first week that it was on sale cementing his name in history for the long haul. Only 33 years old now, Adam Lambert has a long way to go with his career and that includes some very impressive partnerships in the music industry. Before American Idol he was in theater and performing on a cruise ship with the Anita Mann Productions.

Of course, while Adam Lambert was cruising through the ranks on American Idol a photo showed up online of him kissing another man. In most cases this was considered controversial and as the media outlets ran with it, Adam Lambert keep plugging along keeping the judges on the edge of their seats. For many of the media outlets, the main story was whether or not a gay winner on American Idol was something that the public was ready for. Adam Lambert said that it “probably” impacted the final results, but his career took off regardless.

Simon Fuller, the creator of the Idol Franchise said that Adam Lambert was similar to Bowie, with a touch of Freddy Mercury and the sexiness of Prince. Since he came out as gay during American Idol, he has been given support of top talk shows like Late Show With David Letterman, The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien, So You Think You Can Dance and The Jay Leno Show. He also made the talk show rounds ending up as a guest on Oprah, The View, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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These days, Adam Lambert has been working on a new album, called “The Original High” and touring with Queen. On September 19th, the band and Adam Lambert announced that they would be heading out on another tour together in the United Kingdom and Europe and that was based on the success of the world tour that just ended. Each show was sold out and in some cases, additional shows had to be added to take in the increased demand for the show. Adam Lambert’s new album is is now available streaming online with Amazon and that can be yours to listen to as much as you would like through the 15th of June.

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