Apple iOS 8 Is Great for Security, Edward Snowden Says!

Hopefully, the government isn’t going to eventually decide that a change in laws is needed to “fix” the situation, because this is something that can only harm people in the long run, it won’t help anyone but those with malicious intents. And as we’ve seen already, there are definitely plenty of people who would gladly misuse information stolen from electronic devices.

While Apple have been criticized for the closeness of their platform by some experts who claim that it’s not good for the user when they can’t see what the OS is doing exactly, it’s clear that this style of development also has its benefits and can create a safe environment for users when done right.

It’s also possible that the government does have access to Apple’s devices and this is all just a façade put up by them and the company together, but there is no way to know that for sure. For the time being, it looks like Apple are definitely one of the most security conscious companies on the market though.

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