Affordable Tesla Model 3 Likely to be Launched in March 2016

Most of them are actually averring that Tesla has always been well-behind its initially-announced schedules which they did with their Roadster and the Model S, while its upcoming Model X is already one year behind schedule.

The Tesla Model 3 shall have a retail price of $35,000 when it comes out in the retail markets late in 2017, which is really far cheaper that its siblings in the Tesla stable. But building a cheaper car for the masses would require Tesla to make adjustments in its operations to ensure that it would not have problems with complicated falcon doors, autopilot programs, or even disappearing door handles. With its Gigafactory up and running by then, it would be easy for Tesla to hasten the production of cheaper and plenty of batteries.

The Model 3 features the conventional sunroof, door handles and other options including the Tesla cache and hyped industry-leading range of 200-plus miles. But since Model 3 will be smaller and lighter than Model S and Model X, the company would not need a large pack to deliver that range.

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