‘24: Legacy’ Season 1 Eric Carter Starting to Realize that He is Running Out of People He Can Trust!

If Aisha, played by Tiffany Hines, and Jerome, played by Hajji Golightly, can betray him, what’s to say everyone else isn’t against him. It’s that sort of paranoia that can send a man off the deep end, leading viewers to wonder if this might be the beginning of Isaac’s downward spiral.

Finally, John Donovan, played by Jimmy Smits, has found himself in quite a frustrating pickle. After his father Henry was revealed as the leak that led to the death of Eric’s Army Ranger squad, it seemed pretty cut-and-dried that the threat was handled.

But during Rebecca’s attempt at interrogating her father-in-law, the man denied the entire thing. Critics think that the family is going to need a boatload of therapy to put the whole thing behind them.

With Ben Grimes and Gabriel dead, the only lead Eric has is the intel recovered on the arms dealer’s laptop. Where that will lead is anyone’s guess.

And while Eric continues on his world-saving mission, the chemistry between Isaac and Nicole feels completely broken, now. She’s proven herself to be quite smart, resilient, and quick on her feet, which makes viewers believe that she will not end up in Isaac’s arms when all is said and done.

With the Donovan family drama brewing and the sleeper cells finally receiving their activation codes, something tells viewers that all the danger is about to hit all the fans of “24: Legacy.”

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