2016 Apple MacBook Air to Debut Alongside the Latest MacBook Pro and iPad Lines in October

Comparisons about the two devices have been running around, with some saying Apple is now threatened of Microsoft’s latest offering and some declaring Apple’s latest model will give the Surface Pro 4 a run for its money. With this, Microsoft and Apple are bound to go head-to-head with specs and designs of their respective devices.

According to the Latino Post, the Microsoft laptop and tablet hybrid is expected to have a quad-core Intel core i5 or i7 Skylake processor, Intel HF Graphics, and at least 4GB RAM. Its internal SSD will have a range from 128GB and expandable up to 1TB.

It is also expected to feature Intel’s latest processor, hence the delay in its release. Surface Pro 4 will come with a pixel density similar to that of its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, and is expected to come in two size variants – 12 inches and 14 inches.

Microsoft has done an amazing job providing consumers an alternative to Apple’s MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Ipad line. Once Apple announces the 2016 MacBook Air’s official specs, the biggest factor still boils down to the price, something which both Microsoft and Apple have not given an update on, let alone any hints, but analysts predict their respective prices will range a little higher compared to the prices of their respective predecessors.

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  1. Can we please move forward to an 8gig ram/256gb ssd base spec. Most Macbook Air users buy them for coding and this should be the minimum. It should be promoted for developers and app designers, that’s the Air’s niche. Not only that but RAM is so cheap and 4gig ram is from the days of Atom Netbooks. Time to raise the bar and go with 8/256, 12/512 and 16/1gig Macbook Air options….same for Macbook Pro but with higher cpu and graphics.

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