WWE 2K16 Gets a New Trailer, Showing Details about Customization Features!

A new trailer for the upcoming “WWE 2K16” has surfaced, released by the game’s developer officially. It shows various improvements to the formula, but it was specifically focused on a major customization feature that will be included in the game, namely the tool for creating custom personalized content. It’s obvious that this tool has come a long way since its original incarnation and has evolved a lot for this installment of the franchise, which is definitely a welcomed improvement for most fans.

Many fans of the franchise were disappointed by the omission of certain customization features from the last game, and there were various negative comments about that when the title came out last year. Still, 2K seem to have noticed the sentiments among their community and they have addressed the situation with this release, allowing players to once again customize their playing experience, this time with even more options available to them.

One of the strange parts about the old customization tool was the inability to create female fighters. Although there were realistically various issues related to this tool in the last game, this one stood out for most fans and it was widely discussed around messaging boards related to the title. 2K not only showed that the feature is now included in the new game in the trailer, but they made sure to give that a bit more priority by showing it right in the beginning of the trailer, reassuring their players that no gender will be left out of the formula for this installment.

The system looks very extensive and deep, and it has various features that will allow fans to fine-tune their playing experience and the content that they create. Lots of options have been added, while the previous experience that players have grown used to has now been upgraded a bit, and all in all it looks like 2K have been putting some serious effort into making this game the most customizable and extensive experience in the whole franchise.

This, combined with other notable features about the upcoming game, should result in a lot of attention towards it once it’s been released. Players are already anticipating the new installment in the franchise very eagerly, and it’s been enjoying a lot of hype based solely on the fact that it continues the “WWE” franchise. But at the same time, the specific features that we’ve seen so far definitely drive home the point that this game has been designed to be a winning release.

If the customization tools work as well as they did in the trailer – and we see no reason to doubt that – then this game is going to be one of the most flexible experiences in the franchise to date, if not the best one in this regard. Of course, customization isn’t everything in a game like this, and the actual gameplay is very important itself too, but it does go a long way towards ensuring that the game will be taken well.

WWE 2K16

Because in the end, the “WWE” franchise has always been about allowing the player to truly immerse themselves in the game and have fun with their own ideas. It’s not that strict in its gameplay as other fighting games, and it’s meant to be more about the sheer fun and entertainment aspect rather than its competitive side. Because of this, options like the customization tools are definitely very important in the overall formula.

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