What’s Coming Up in Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 21? Hints Dropped in the Promo!

“Pretty Little Liars” has seen some interesting developments in its plot lately, and the most recent event between Mike Montgomery and Mona will surely have severe implications on the future of the show. We’ll most likely see some effects of this revelation in the next, 21st episode, and the promo that aired for the upcoming episode certainly hinted in that direction.

Fans have already started speculating on the next episode and what it could bring, and there seem to be some popular theories shaping up in the community – and some publications have also written about their own personal views on what the next episode of “Pretty Little Liars” could bring.

Alison is coming back, as evidenced by the promo, although she’s still in prison – and judging by the promo, the Liars are going to inform her about what Mike has revealed, as she can be seen telling Aria that she’ll need to discuss Mike with her lawyers.

Next up, we could also see Mike’s life being put in danger, as it’s implied that he’s a loose end for “A” in a conversation between Aria and Hanna. It’s looking more and more likely that “A” will indeed come after Mike, but how exactly this is about to go down, and what it could mean for the new episode, we have no idea yet.

It’s very likely that “A” will be upset at least a little bit by the Liars, and this was even hinted in the promo, but it wasn’t made clear how exactly the Liars plan to accomplish that. There’s the possibility that they might go to the police and tell them everything about “A”, although that might not get them very far. It’s also shown that the Liars are aware that upsetting “A” usually results in someone’s death, so they’re approaching the situation carefully and seem reluctant on moving forward.

The promo also showed some interesting details, such as a bloody bag which has been the focus of much attention and speculation by fans. It’s suggested that the character shown with the bag is Spencer, but this hasn’t been confirmed so far. It would certainly have some interesting implications for the story, however, and it’s looking like the most likely theory so far, according to most fans.

pretty little liars season 5

Last but not least, we also saw Talia in tears, but it wasn’t revealed what she was crying about. It’s possible that it has something to do with the breakup with Emily, or it could be a completely different reason – in any case, we’ll see very soon when the new episode airs and sheds some light on all those mysteries from the promo!

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