We Still Don’t Know When Left 4 Dead 3 Is Coming, But It Won’t Be Handled by Turtle Rock!

There has been some speculation that Valve are preparing to announce “Left 4 Dead 3” lately, but now those rumors are fading away and fans are starting to accept the fact that it was just a hoax. And while it’s still entirely possible that the game will eventually hit the market – it’s actually been strongly implied by Valve, as well as being unofficially confirmed through their bug tracker – it will be the first entry in the series not handled by its original creators.

Turtle Rock Studios originally came up with the concept for “Left 4 Dead” and were shortly afterwards acquired by Valve who gave them the platform they needed to develop the game to its full potential. The studio went on to collaborate with Valve on “Left 4 Dead 2”, a game which saw even more success than its predecessor, despite a controversial announcement and pre-release marketing.

Now, Turtle Rock have moved on to their own projects and are apparently not planning to return to work on “Left 4 Dead 3”, much to the disappointment of the franchise’s fans. Currently, the studio is occupied with “Evolve”, a title which is quite different from the original concept of “Left 4 Dead”, although it does share some basic ideas with it as well. It’s actually been described as “sharing the DNA” of Turtle Rock’s other title, but it’s obvious that they want to break away from the style of “Left 4 Dead” and create something unique.

And it’s been working out quite well for them so far, as “Evolve” has been enjoying moderate success on the market. Players have noted some subtle similarities between it and “Left 4 Dead”, some of which have also been confirmed by the game’s developers. For example, the Tank from “Left 4 Dead” served as a major inspiration for the overall gameplay style of “Evolve”, with regards to the four-versus-one experience.

Is “Left 4 Dead 3” going to borrow from “Evolve”, despite the fact that Turtle Rock won’t be involved with it anymore? The game industry has moved forward largely on the premise of copying ideas and evolving them further (no pun intended), so it’s not impossible. On the other hand, Valve are one of the companies that value originality and a creative approach above all else, so it’s questionable whether they would do something like that.

left 4 dead 3

In any case, we likely won’t find out much about “Left 4 Dead 3” until it’s close to its release, as that’s Valve’s usual style of announcing their games. They might try to create some hype ahead of the announcement, but they tend to be pretty secretive overall.

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