Vikings Season 4 Packs A Punch Starting February 18th!

There is a show on television that will bring you back to the days when the Vikings took over everything and you will get to see all of the happenings of that time period from the eyes of those powerful fighters. Vikings Season 4 is about to start and according to reports posted online, this season is going to pack a major punch. Vikings is an Irish-Canadian historical drama that have been created for the History channel. The show is inspired by one of the best known Norse heroes, Viking Ragnar Lothbrok.

Having made a name for himself by raiding England and rolling towards becoming the King of Denmark, the show gives you an insight as to all of the experiences from the beginning of his journey. The first season was just nine episodes and even though the next two were only ten episodes, the popularity must be making an impact, because Vikings Season 4 is going to be twenty, full hour episodes.

The last three seasons started around the same time and ended by the end of April the same year. That can be expected of the fourth season in the series. Vikings Season 4 is going to bring the heat and along with it will come two brand new characters. There are just a few promotional stills released by the History Channel, but they do reveal some very interesting news. Two new characters are expected in the fourth season and they are King Harald Finehair and Halfdan the Black.

King Harald Finehair will be played by Peter Franzen, while Halfdan the Black will be played by jasper Paakkonen. It would be smart to assume that the two new characters are going to have something to do with the main character, played by Travis Fimmel, but what? That is the main question that has popped up online since the two promotional stills have showed up. According to sources that are trying to put together what roles the new characters will play, King Harald Finehair is a Scandinavian warrior who is a potential threat to Ragnar.

Vikings Season 4

With that being said, there are many different story lines that can come from this. Remembering that he is a King himself, Finehair is likely to have a following and that could mean some conflict for the King of Denmark. Halfdan the Black does not have much information about him online, but the speculation from fan sites is that is Finehair’s brother and is also verified through poems and other notes from Viking culture. In the end, Halfdan will become the King of Vingulmark, but when in the story line that happens has not been confirmed. The brothers will be following the same path as siblings, but the exact path will not be revealed until the Vikings Season 4 starts this month.

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