Turn Back Time with the Best Anti Aging Exercises

There are various ways which people cling to their youth, from extreme diet trends to plastic surgery, when the simple combination of the right diet and good exercise plan can lead to prolonged youth. There are many benefits to exercise and keeping the body looking, and feeling, young is one of its greatest secrets.

Here’s a list of 7 exercises that are guaranteed to keep you young:

1.) Squats:

Squats form part of our everyday routine. We execute a squat every time we sit down and stand up or pick up a packet off of the floor. The muscles begin to weaken as aging occurs, so it is important to build and maintain the muscles used for functional everyday activities, which will help to avoid any unnecessary injuries associated with aging.

2.) Cardiovascular Activities:

Cardiovascular activities work wonders for heart health. A strong heart is of vital importance as it reduces high blood pressure. Cardiovascular activities also lower bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol and help to maintain a healthy body fat percentage.

3.) Exercises Which Cross the Midline of the Body:

The two sides of the brain must work together in order to keep it working at its best and the hemispheres of the brain work together when the limbs cross over the centre of the body. Therefore, exercises such as tennis or boxing boost brain alertness which improves memory, energy levels and intelligence while improving overall physical health.

4.) High-Impact Exercises:

Do not be afraid of high-impact exercises like jumping or skipping. These high-impact exercises improve bone strength and density. This is especially important for women who are at higher risk of getting osteoporosis in their old age. Our bones become weak and brittle as we age and, by increasing bone density, the negative effects aging has on the bones is reduced.

5.) Pulling and Pushing Exercises:

anti aging exercisesSimilar to squats, pulling and pushing exercises are ideal for strengthening muscles required for everyday activities. People can reduce the muscle-diminishing effects of aging by focusing on strengthening essential muscles from a young age, in order for the muscles to function at the same level whether the body is 25 or 75 years old.

6.) Core Exercises:

Core exercises, such as bridging or leg raises, are great for building core strength which improves balance. An improved centre of balance will ensure fewer falls when the body weakens due to aging. Good balance will reduce the risk of falling over and contribute to maintaining bone and muscle strength.

7.) Stretching:

Stretching is often overlooked but is just as important as strength building exercises in order to slow down the effects of aging. Stretching improves flexibility and mobility which results in lower risk of pulling a muscle or suffering joint pain due to restricted movement.

The most important thing to remember when exercising is to ensure that the main muscle groups remain strong throughout your life. This will ensure that the aging process will have minimal impact on your overall health, or even improve any age related ailments – it’s never too late to start.

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