Toyota Camry Added To The Best Value Cars List For 2015!

One of the best selling cars in the United States has been the Toyota Camry. It has been that way for years now and this year the car made its way onto another list that is likely to get the consumers a little more interested in purchasing the vehicle. If you are looking to purchase a brand new car that is the best value for your dollar, you need to be looking at the Toyota Camry, according to Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports applied its own technique to find out what the best value for your dollar was when it come to buying a car and the Toyota Camry Hybrid had a best value score of 2.01. That number basically means that a consumers dollar goes about twice as far when compared to the average-value car on the list. The Toyota Camry Hybrid will cost you around $30,000 depending on the options that you get, but it is worth every penny according to the report.

Toyota Camry has a reliability score that is “excellent” and will cost a consumer just 52 cents per mile to operate. The car is not going to be one of the most exciting cars to drive on the road, but it is smooth, comfortable and is going to give you plenty of room in case you have to move family or other cargo from point A to point B.

The price is affordable compared to similar cars and if you are looking for something that is going to get you great fuel mileage and fewer repair costs, the Toyota Camry should be on your list. Consumer Reports took the technique and applied it to midsize, sedans, compacts and wagons to make the list of best valued cars. The top fives cars on the list were Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Subaru Legacy and the Subaru Forester. The list also included some of the popular SUV’s that you see on the road today with one of them ending up on the bottom.

2015 Toyota Camry

The Jeep Wrangler Limited was the bottom of the list and that should not be much of a surprise to those that know what the Jeep is all about. Mostly used for off-road capability, hard-riding, less than comfortable design and it was given a score of just 0.07. That equates to just 77 cents per mile to operate the Jeep Wrangler. Other vehicles on the bottom of the list included a Mercedes S500, BMW 750L, Toyota Tacoma and the Fiat 500L.

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  1. I bought a new Camry LE for in 2009 for $20,700 out the door, about what you can get them for today if you shop around. In the last five years other than oil and tires, I replaced the battery and a power steering line. That is it. Is it the best performing car out there? No way, but it is comfortable and very quiet and is enjoyable to drive.

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