Top Gun 2 Will Have Tom Cruise in the Main Role Once Again if the Film Becomes Reality, More Details

Ever since rumors about “Top Gun 2” started being more prominent in the news lately, fans of the originals have been getting more and more excited about the possibility of seeing their favorite jet pilot coming back to the screen for even more explosive action and thrilling scenes. So far, there has been nothing official on this front, but of course that could hardly ever stop dedicated fans who love to argue about the future of their favorite films and franchises, and as can be expected, there have been lots of discussions regarding what can be done to the sequel to make it the best possible continuation of the films.

The only thing we’ve heard from someone familiar so far has been a statement by Tom Cruise saying that the actor doesn’t want to rely on any special effects for the airplane scenes if he’s going to do a sequel to “Top Gun”, and he insists on actually piloting a jet and roaming around in the skies like a true pilot. Of course, a lot of time has passed since the original and this has had some fans worried about what they might see on the screen in that case, but Tom Cruise himself seems quite confident.

More recently, there have been some rumors that the film is already being discussed in official channels and there are real talks about continuing the story. From what we’ve been able to tell, it sounds like one of the crucial points about a “Top Gun” sequel is that it should still have Tom Cruise in the main role, as Maverick is one of the main points of the original film in the first place.

It would be strange to see another “Top Gun” without the iconic character indeed, so hopefully the next production isn’t going to omit him. On the other hand, we don’t know how the writers are going to handle the obviously huge transition in time from the original film to this installment, but they will surely be able to figure out something convincing that makes perfect sense.

One of the most prominent rumors about the plot of “Top Gun 2” is that it’s going to feature a tale of modern technology pitted against old school jet fighters. The main premise could be something related to the idea that drones and autonomous technology are starting to take over warfare nowadays, but in the end there will always be a need for true humans to do the real work, and that’s where Tom Cruise – or Maverick – comes in and saves the day.

Of course, that’s just a rumor and it’s also just an outline of the general premise of the film, but it does sound plausible and it’s definitely something that fans would enjoy seeing, especially if the film also features lots of cool effects and interesting technology.

top gun 2

It could be a curious expedition into the current state of military technology and advanced warfare, and according to some critics, it could even be a good warning tale about what might happen in the future if we’re not careful with our overuse of technology. There are many ways to spin that plot in order to make it interesting, so the writers have a pretty large playing field to deal with if they want to get the story as best as possible.

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