‘The Winds of Winter’ Author George R.R. Martin on Overtime Duty to Finish the Book

It seems like George R.R. Martin wasn’t kidding when he said that he is working overtime to finish the upcoming installment to his “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel series, “The Winds of Winter.”

The novel was supposed to be released in March this year, a month before the sixth season of “Game Thrones” premieres on HBO, the TV show based on Martin’s hit novel.

Martin broke the news that he would not be able to meet the deadline that had the book release date being delayed further and further to an unspecified date.

The Ecumenical News reports that the last update from the author was that he has not accepted any project until he finishes the much-awaited novel.

With the 67-year-old author all focus on “The Winds of Winter,” reports are surfacing that the latest installment to his famous novel series will finally come out this month.

The Parent Herald reports that the long overdue novel will finally hit bookshelves anytime this month. However, no confirmation from Martin has been made thus far.

Martin, however, suggested in his blog post that publishers are already on standby for the completion of his book and that they are ready to publish it the minute he’s done writing it.

Fans can expect an update from the author himself at the upcoming Balticon event. Balticon is a regional science fiction and fantasy convention where arts and literature are celebrated.

It will be held on May 27 and will last until May 30. The 4-day convention will feature authors, publishers, editors, scientist, and several other artists.

According to the Balticon website, there will be a Feast of Ice and Fire Dinner Companions with Martin as part of the event’s 50th anniversary.

There are also reports surfacing that “The Winds of Winter” is pegged to come out in 2017 and that Martin has tapped English novelist Neil Gaiman in helping him conclude the highly anticipated book.

Vine Report says that fans are starting to get frustrated with the continuous delays of the book and being kept in the dark with regards to the reason behind it.

Hence, Martin went out of his way to ask Gaiman for help in terms of finishing the novel. Further fueling these rumors was the fact that Gaiman was seen in Santa Fe at the same time Martin was there and in the process of completing the sixth installment to his popular franchise.

The 55-year-old novelist has always been vocal about his support for his fellow writer to finish “The Winds of Winter,” leading many fans to the possibility of him lending his hand in penning the story.

In his interview with Time Out London, the “Coraline” author has denied these rumors and clarified that when he was seen in Santa Fe, he was there for some family quality time and not to help complete Martin’s novel.

Gaiman admits that he is a fan both of Martin’s novels and the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” He gushes that he was supposed to wait for the whole season 6 to be finished before he watches it, but ended up watching it because he can’t contain his excitement.

While it looks as if “The Winds of Winter” won’t be coming out anytime soon, fans have to stick with the current season of the HBO hit series for now especially since things are intense with Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington, already waking up from the dead.

The Winds of Winter

Despite the lack of an actual release date, numerous rumors on the upcoming book are circulating. As per Christian Today, contrary to the TV series, the latest installment won’t include Jon Snow.

“Game of Thrones” producers have long stated that the current season contains purely new content and has taken less context from Martin’s novel series.

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