‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Last Few Episodes to Mark the Return of Many Familiar Faces!

“The Vampire Diaries” is nearing its end and fans are about to walk down the memory lane with a slew of familiar faces confirmed to return in the final episodes leading to the show’s conclusion.

Along with Nina Dobrev’s confirmation to return for the series finale as Elena Gilbert, there’s also a slew of faces that viewers will get to see.

The CW hit series is now down to its final five episodes and Mystic Falls is set to be revisited by David Anders, Kayla Elwell and Michael Trevino, who portrayed John Gilbert, Vicki Donovan, and Tyler Lockwood, respectively.

While all these characters have already died in the show in the previous seasons, the ghosts are known to be able to access the other side. It appears that the three will appear as ghosts in an upcoming episode.

Aside from Elena and John, another Gilbert is set to make a return in the show. Steven R. McQueen confirmed that he is set to appear as Jeremy Gilbert in the series finale.

McQueen left the show halfway through the sixth season, with his character moving away from Mystic Falls to be safe from danger just as he was harnessing his hunter powers.

McQueen posted on Instagram an image of himself on the set of the show. It also looks like there will be a reunion between Jeremy and Elena in the finale.

Chris Wood is also set to return as Kai Parker. The character has been an integral part of the story since the sixth season as he was responsible for linking Bonnie’s life with Elena’s.

While Kai was already killed during the Season 6 finale, it looks like he will be responsible for lifting the same linking spell, opening doors for Elena to wake up. However, knowing Kai’s ruthless nature, it sure won’t be easy for the Mystic Falls gang to force him to unlink them.

Not much is known about Kai’s return, but fans suspect that Cade will play a role in bringing the villain back. Wood’s return was long hinted when the actor took a break from filming his stint on “Supergirl.”

It also looks like fans haven’t seen the last of Enzo as Michael Malarkey teased his character’s return. Enzo was surprisingly killed off in the latest episode after ripper Stefan ripped out his heart.

Speaking to TV Line, Malarkey said that his character will be present during the show’s series finale. He adds that it was nice to wrap up his character with justice that he deserves.

Malarkey adds that he knew his character was going to die at some point during the current eighth season. Executive producer Julie Plec has informed him during the show’s 11th episode that Enzo will meet his demise.

The upcoming episode will see Damon negotiate with Cade in order to save Stefan. He will strike a deal that will drive him, Alaric, and Matt to retrieve a Maxwell journal. The journal could hold the answer how they could destroy Cade.

Meanwhile, Caroline makes her own attempt to save Stefan by trying to reach him and appealing to his humanity. Cade is also a step above them as he is apparently preparing something sinister for Stefan.

The show had already wrapped up filming with the cast and crew sending out their final goodbyes and farewells to their fans.

Showrunner Julie Plec earlier stated that she’s very happy because she was able to end the show the way she has envisioned it years ago.

Fans are hoping that characters such as Lexie will also make a return. Stefan’s best friend was a well-loved character back in the first season and everyone was surprised when Damon staked her.

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