The Top 5 Trending Rumors Surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6

After Apple launched the much-awaited iPhone 6, smartphone enthusiasts are waiting for Samsung to launch their countermeasure, the Galaxy S6. While rumors suggest that the S6 is much superior to the Apple iPhone 6 in terms of refinement and hardware, here is the analysis of some of the most common stories regarding the S6 that are doing the rounds.

  1. 64-bit Processor- A popular online electronics magazine had suggested a while back that the Samsung Galaxy S6 draws power from a 64-bit Qualcomm processor. Even though, the company has launched the specific release date for the hardware, rumors claim that Samsung will have an earlier encounter with the processor, thanks to the S6.
  2. Metal-finish Exterior- Another popular online magazine had suggested that the Galaxy S6 is likely to feature a metallic exterior and once again we cannot confirm the reports. However, if this is the case, it would be Samsung’s first stint with a metallic finish body. Far-fetched theories further suggest that the outer metal aligns perfectly to the smartphone’s chassis.
  3. Camera Capability- Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to feature a 16MP primary camera, considering the price and market segment that it is expected to dominate. A faction of the fan base has hinted at the possibility of a 20MP primary camera as well, even though official word on this is currently unavailable.
  4. HD Display- The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to feature a SuperAMOLED UHD display, outclassing the Apple 5S’s HD 4.7-inch screen effortlessly.
  5. Price- This is one of the most controversial factors of the Samsung Galaxy S6 as people believe that the device will launch at a lower price than its predecessor’s launch amount. Only time can reveal the truth behind the claim.

Samsung Galaxy S6

This article highlights the rumored features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the sources are mentioned below. Any misinformation published is accredited solely to the lack of credible sources.

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  1. With specifications like uhd display (possibly curved screen), 4gb ram, qualcom 810 64 bit processor, 20mp camera with optical image stabilisation etc, it will surely be a big hit.
    Though it should not be more than 5.2 inch display size because we already have note series if we want a bigger phone. I am definitely looking forward to buy it. Goodluck samsung

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