The Sims 4 New DLC Lets Sims Hang Out in Sauna and Learn to Give Massages

Summer has arrived in most parts of the world and so is in the life-simulation video game “The Sims 4.” Game developer EA always keeps the game up-to-date and exciting to give gamers that so-called real-life experience.

Summertime means fun under the sun, family vacations, and plenty of time to play video games, including “The Sims 4,” so in order to celebrate the season, EA will be calling it #SimSummer and has likewise enticed gamers to join the fun and celebration, details The Sims website.

EA has previously released “The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff” patch that gave options for players Sims to have their summer vacations better than ever before. The update also enables players to share pictures of the summer activities of their Sims under #SimSummer, details the Inquisitr.

To further add on to the many summer activities for player Sims, EA will be releasing a new DLC titled “The Sims 4 Spa Day” on July 14. The DLC will enable player Sims to have that swanky but relaxing summer vacation.

“The Sims 4 Spa Day” will feature new locales, new objects, and new Wellness skills. It shall also mark the return of yoga and meditation to the video game series.

Sarah Holding, producer of “The Sims 4,” tweeted about the upcoming DLC by saying that some of the new items that will be coming along with the update include a massage chair, a mud bath, and a sauna in two models.

According to Kotaku Australia, the new DLC will let player Sims hang out and bump uglies in the sauna. The new Wellness skill that Sims can develop from the new DLC is learning how to give massages, do yoga, and meditation. Now that is like a summer relaxation that every player would want for their Sims to enjoy and also for themselves in real life.

Sharing the Sim summer

The developer said that it wants gamers to do on their Sims what they usually do during summer like going on a beach or hanging out by the pool. Gamers just need to take a picture of what their Sims are up to during summertime and share it on Twitter or Instagram with #SimSummer.

Whether the gamers’ Sims are going out for an outdoor retreat, enjoying vacation somewhere from work, or simply relaxing in a hot tub, they can share the so-called #SimSummer moment by posting a photo of it on Twitter or Instagram.

The developer will compile all those social media posts and have it posted on its social media pages and give everyone in the Sim world something to have fun with even as everyone’s Sims enjoy their well-earned vacation.

To make it even more exciting, the developer will have a different theme every week so gamers are advised to regularly check the Twitter and Instagram pages of EA for it.

Gamers who submit or post #SimSummer images will earn a chance to get #SimSummer goodies complete with “The Sims 4” summer items like a towel, sunglasses, water bottle, and lanyard.

Inspires gamer creativity

In the middle of last month, EA has released the Newcrest update to “The Sims 4” that featured 15 lots that basically inspires the creativity of gamers as they start building based on their preferences.

The developer has also given an option to some gamers who are less inclined to build from scratch by jumping into the Gallery and populating their world from fellow Simmers’ creations, according to the Help EA website.

EA said that some gamers have already built some amazing lots and their creations can be found in #BuildNewcrest.

the sims 4

The developer likewise announced the return to “The Sims 4” of the Welcome Wagon to make it easier for the gamers’ Sims to break the ice with their neighbors and strike some meaningful conversations.

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  1. Oh, this game is still being worked on? Oh right, greed and bad executive decisions are EA’s bread and butter.
    So, which established feature from a previous game are they going to leave out, this time?

    “Sometime in April, EA released an expansion pack to the life simulation video game officially titled “The Sims 4: Get to Work,” which provided gamers three brand new careers.”

    Only EA would consider adding three jobs into the game as an expansion pack. I’ve looked at the features for that “expansion”. There’s really not much more going on than those three careers. It’s pathetic and stinks of corporate greed.
    I haven’t purchased a game from them since the abysmal Dragon Age 2 flop, and I won’t ever again. If you love quality games and good customer care, then you shouldn’t buy from EA, either.

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