The Originals Executive Producer Dishes Klaus’ Relationships with Cami, Hayley, and Caroline

“The Originals” showrunner Michael Narducci has spilled some details about the women in Klaus’ life.

The Original vampire, played by Joseph Morgan, undeniably has a special connection with Candice King’s Caroline from when he was still back in Mystic Falls.

Pheobe Tonkin’s Hayley also plays a huge role in his life as she is the mother of his child, Hope. Also, Leah Pipes’ Cami, who is now a vampire, obviously has a large part in his life as well.

Speaking to TV Line, Narducci explains that episode 16 of “The Originals,” entitled “Alone with Everybody,” gave fans a sneak peek into Klaus and Hayley’s imminent reconciliation.

The executive producer dishes that the two characters are now aligned due to their mutual goals and strategies to keep Hope safe.

Narducci adds that the next few episodes will place both Klaus and Hayley in a place where they’re allowed to heal. They are going to work together a lot and argue a lot about especially when it comes to what’s best for their daughter.

Despite Narducci getting things all excited for ‘Klayley’ fans, he assured ‘Klamille’ shippers to never let their hopes down.

The showrunner says that Klaus and Cami still want to work on their relationship, but right now, Cami is occupied with her showdown with Rebecca Breeds’ Aurora, Klaus’ ex-girlfriend and the woman responsible for her vampirism.

Narducci explains that Cami is definitely out for revenge and that she will be trying to adapt to her life as a vampire.

Despite all of this, she will not place Klaus in the sidelines. He says that Cami still has strong feelings for Klaus and it’s impossible for her to let him completely go.

As for ‘Klaroline’ shippers, it looks like both “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries” writers have put an end on the potential of the relationship.

As per Just Jared, since Klaus’ departure from Mystic Falls, fans still rooted for Klaus and Caroline. Their latest scene was through a phone call through a crossover episode and it really appeared as if Klaus was saying goodbye to Caroline.

Speaking to TV Line, Narducci says that the particular scene seemed like Klaus was telling Caroline that he would always care for her and respect her, but that he understood that she had moved on.

Caroline was previously in a relationship with Paul Wesley’s Stefan Salvatore. Things got complicated when Jo and Alaric’s babies were magically transferred to her womb making her fly to Dallas with Ric to take care of the twins.

Narducci adds that ‘Klaroline’ not getting together will upset a lot of fans, but he admitted that he doesn’t see a future for the two. He says that Klaus will always want the best for Caroline and he will always be special for her.

It probably has to do with the fact that if ever Klaus and Caroline do get involved in a relationship, writers and producers will definitely have a difficult time setting up the relationship since they are in different shows.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of “The Originals” will be directed by Klaus himself, Joseph Morgan.

The episode, entitled “Behind the Black Horizon” is Morgan’s debut as a director. He is following Paul Wesley’s and Ian Somerhalder’s footsteps who also have directed episodes of “The Vampire Diaries.”

Cartermatt has revealed the synopsis and it sounds like the episode will be another Mikaelson family reunion to save Riley Voelkel’s Freya. Also, the upcoming episode will see some members of the Original family heading back to Mystic Falls.

According to the synopsis, Freya’s abduction will lead the Mikealson brothers to put aside their differences to save her before time runs out.

The Originals Season 3

Following a lead, they head to Mystic Falls where Elijah and Finn, played by Daniel Gillies and Casper Zafer, respectively, run in with Zach Roerig’s Matt.

Matt, who is now a deputy sheriff in Mystic Falls, does not take well the visit of members of the Original family in his town.

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