‘The Following’ Season 3 Airing on Netflix is the Show’s Last Hurrah and Season 4 is Gone for Good!

“The Following” follows the story of veteran FBI agent Ryan Hardy, played by Kevin Bacon, as he pursues numerous psychopaths including Michael Ealy’s Theo, Sam Underwoods’ Luke and Mark, and James Purefoy’s Joe Caroll.

It was actually Hulu who first turned down the offer to rescue “The Following” from cancellation before Netflix did the same.

Fox sums it up by saying that fans of the show did not fight for “The Following” hard. And this was quite evident with their online petition.

The petition has actually targeted to collect 25,000 fan signatures but the network only recorded 13,000 signatures which clearly indicate that the TV series has lost its luster.

“The Following” is one of the most watched shows on TV and Netflix but for some reasons, it still got cancelled by Fox because it lacks commercial value to the network, depicted by its low on-air ratings.

“The Following” details the story of ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy and a serial killer Joe Carroll, who escapes death row years after being apprehended.

Carroll is an English professor who mutilated and killed 14 women  and was eventually sent to jail by Hardy. After his escape, his objective was to exact revenge on Hardy and his loved ones.

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