‘Prometheus 2’ Should Warrant a Pretty Hard-R Rating, Cites Director Ridley Scott!

The first “Prometheus” movie shown in 2012 earned an R rating but critically-acclaimed producer, writer, and director Ridley Scott cited it as merely a soft-R rating.

Now, he wants “Prometheus 2” officially titled as “Alien: Covenant” to warrant a pretty hard-R rating this time around because he intends to take the sequel back to its roots, referring to the first “Alien” movie shown in 1979, which he also directed.

Compared to the tense terror of “Alien,” “Prometheus” was very soft with just the robo-Cesarian pushing it over the top. Scott intends to bring the same tense terror to “Alien: Covenant” when it comes out on cinemas next year, notes Blastr.

In an interview during the recently-held 2016 Golden Globes Awards, Scott narrated that he always remembered walking down the edge in Saint Louis when they were previewing “Alien.” He said that he could not sit through the film one more time. So he walked down the edge into the kitchen scene when John Hurt started to bring up his breakfast. Scott realized right there how pretty scary the film was.

Scott explained that he felt a sense of responsibility that he had gone too far because it was extreme. He promised to try and do that again this year with “Alien: Covenant,” but much worse.

Recapturing the suspense and gore

With “Alien: Covenant” set to hit theaters on October 6, 2017, Scott has all the time he needs right now to out-chestburst himself with the “Prometheus” sequel.

Scott has all the intentions to recapture the suspense, surprise, and gore of the first “Alien” movie which obviously had fans of the sci-fi horror action series quite excited, cites the Geek.

Previously known as “Prometheus 2,” “Alien: Covenant” will take place a decade after the first “Prometheus” film. Scott also confirmed that the upcoming movie will lead right into the backdoor of “Alien.”

Filming for the movie is set to begin within the next few months.

While initial reports indicate that “Alien: Covenant” shall have less focus on the deadly Xenomorph alien that has become the trademark character of the “Alien” movie franchise, reports have it that the film will reportedly put more emphasis on the alien creature.

It was also Ridley Scott who confirmed that “Alien: Covenant” will feature all the three stages of the evolutionary life cycle of Xenomorph.

The movie will explain how the alien creature was created and for what purpose. From the interview of Ridley Scott, it would seem that the Xenomorph was actually made by the engineers themselves.

Scott said that the creature was made as a terrifying beast because it is a bio-mechanoid weapon. He added that “Alien: Covenant” will explain that and reintroduce the alien back into it.

The director added that the next “Alien” prequel movie will again have the features of the past “Alien” films as well as that of “Prometheus” including the egg, the face-hugger, the chest-burster, and the big boy.

Wants to elevate the film to the level of ‘Alien’

Ridley Scott actually made “Prometheus” a technical marvel but the stunningly executed visuals were not enough to elevate the plot of the film the way it was done with the “Alien” films.

As a result, “Prometheus” became confusing and really had plenty of plot holes, not to mention very little in common with the unrecognizable universe of the movie “Alien,” which it was supposed to lead up to.

prometheus 2

Without the Xenomorph on “Prometheus,” fans and viewers would actually not find any connection between the movie and the “Alien” series. In fact, many viewers only knew that “Prometheus” was the first of a prequel trilogy to the “Alien” franchise several months after they have watched the movie on theaters.

Although it was a commercial success, “Prometheus” was an underperformer when compared to the previous films of Scott.

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