‘The Following’ Did Not Get Enough Fan Support for Fox to Reconsider Renewal for Season 4!

His post on Twitter said the he finds it an honor to work for the fans and that the sweat, tears and lots of blood seemed to have been worth it. He also told fans that they should enjoy the remaining two episodes of the show.

The same is true with the other cast members of “The Following” who used their respective social media accounts to express their gratitude to fans for supporting the show during its past three seasons.

Fans of the show have mostly kept their fingers crossed hoping to see Ryan Hardy and serial killer Joe Caroll, played by James Purefoy, continue to play their mind games again in the series.

The series finale of “The Following” Season 3 was left in a cliff-hanger. Ryan Hardy might have been left for dead but many questions were left unanswered as Season 3 drew to a close with fans wondering if he managed to survive because his girlfriend Gwen, played by Zuleikha Robinson, is already pregnant with his child. There are still many plot twists waiting to be discovered like who Eliza is working for.

What makes “The Following” a hit among its loyal viewers is its very gripping storyline which is normally found only in suspense-thriller movies. Created by Kevin Williamson, the series is co-produced by Warner Bros Television and Outerbanks Entertainment.

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  1. Fan campaigns never work.

    They are only ‘successful” when the decision has already been made to keep the show going. Then the network uses the fan campaign (which it may have started itself) to justify it post-hoc.

    All the rest is empty PR, no matter what they say in the media.

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