‘The Expendables 4’ Confirmed to Begin Filming this Coming Fall; Stallone Likely to be Back

Meanwhile, the addition of Stone Cold Steve Austin shall bring to three the total number of WWE wrestlers who shall be part of “The Expendables 4,” with the other two being the equally popular Hulk Hogan and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

While no specific details on “The Expendables 4” plotline has been made available as of yet, Hulk Hogan confirmed in an interview last year that he has been in casual talks with Stallone where they discussed the possibility of him appearing as the villain in the fourth installment of the action film franchise.

After Hulk Hogan, reports have it that Sylvester Stallone has also considered The Rock to be part of “The Expendables 4” as an offshoot of the wrestler-actor expressing interest in getting involved with “The Expendables 4” after seeing Ronda Rousey being part of the third movie and also on the idea thrown his way by Terry Crews on an online public forum a few months ago.

Apparently, The Rock said then that if he is being asked to become part of “The Expendables” franchise, he would gladly accept it.

However, he added that he does not want to be on Stallone’s team and be buddies with The Expendables. He said that he wants to be the bad guy because he wants to hurt every single one of The Expendables and tell them to send their soul to heaven because their behind is his.

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