‘Fallout 4’ Real-World Dog Which Portrayed Dogmeat Named Top Video Game Dog of 2015!

The critically-acclaimed post-apocalyptic role-playing game “Fallout 4” has already copped the Game of the Year award for 2015 early this year.

But the Bethesda Studios game has earned another distinction not for its gameplay but for the German shepherd who played as Dogmeat in the game. The dog apparently is a she and her name is River, reports Gamespot.

The real-world dog was recently named as the Top Video Game Dog of 2015 during The CW’s World Dog Awards for her role in “Fallout 4.”

The winners of the year’s World Dog Awards were announced as early as the middle of January this year but Bethesda released the announcement only this past week when the game developer shared an image of River along with her fire hydrant prize.

River is owned by Bethesda Studios lead level designer Joel Burgess. In addition to Dogmeat, another popular video game dog is D-Dog from the video game “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.”

Customizable workshops and bases very popular

There have been plenty of changes made by Bethesda Studios in “Fallout 4,” all meant to improve the game but game director Todd Howard and the development team were surprised to find out that the most popular of the changes are the customizable workshops and bases, notes IGN.

He revealed that the workshop stuff on “Fallout 4” was the biggest surprise for Bethesda because many people have gravitated toward it as their own game and are doing all sorts of crazy things with it.

Howard added that the popularity of the customizable workshop and bases has encouraged them to target further customization options in future DLC releases alongside traditional quest and challenge updates.

The game director also talked about the future DLC plans for “Fallout 4” and compared it to the DLCs of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.”

He said that they have looked at what they have done before and it is from there that they have decided to set the price of each DLC. He added that they have already found all sizes and price points and believes that for as long as it’s good content, it is successful.

More difficult Survival Mode

“Fallout 4” has a Survival Mode where gamers can get APs and rewards that gamers can use in the regular game but developer Bethesda Studios appears intent on giving it a complete overhaul soon.

Bethesda has yet to make a formal announcement regarding the details of the completely overhauled Survival Mode of “Fallout 4” but based on an information discovered by a resourceful gamer, it could be the game’s ultimate difficulty level.

The treasure trove of information that the gamer came across with appears too good to be true until Bethesda Studios confirmed it recently, but cautioned gamers nonetheless that the company is still tinkering with the mode.

However, based on the list of items that the overhauled Survival Mode shall contain, it seems that Bethesda has already made up its mind on what are the major things that it is considering of implementing in the ongoing overhaul of the Survival Mode.

While fans and gamers are already getting excited about the new Survival Mode for “Fallout 4,” the major tweaks will actually make gaming difficult for most of them. In fact, some critics are describing the mode as quite terrifying.

The new Survival Mode of “Fallout 4” can no longer be manually saved and quicksave shall no longer be possible as well. If gamers want to save their session, they have to bring the game to bed with them.

While gamers will be able to take and deal more damage to enemies, the enemies no longer appear on their compass. Companions will also not auto-revive.

Fallout 4

The overhauled Survival Mode shall completely disable the Fast Travel feature. So if the gamer wants to get to somewhere, he or she has to walk.

Also, the gamer can actually contract a disease that must be cured right away because it will have an effect on his or her special stats. In addition, a gamer can be fatigued from lack of food, water, or sleep, which shall also affect his or her AP.

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