‘The Blacklist’ Season 4 Supposed Father-Daughter Relationship of Alexander and Liz Gives a Big Turn in the Life of the TV Series!

The Season 3 finale of the American crime drama TV series “The Blacklist” on NBC showed Alexander Kirk, played by Ulrich Thomsen, claiming to Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Keen, played by Megan Boone, that he is her real father.

As the revelation was far different from what Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, played by James Spader, told her, it is expected to further sour their already stale relationship which came on the heels of Liz playing Red for a fool as she faked her own death.

There are two possible ways that Liz could react to Kirk’s claim that he is her father. The first one is she would accept it as it is, in which case she would be in danger still because Kirk has shown initial intention to harm her.

The second possibility is if she does not accept Kirk as her father because she believes more in what Red told her that her parents already passed away several years ago, notes Design & Trend.

No reason to doubt Kirk

In a recent interview, showrunners Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath said that there is no compelling reason for Liz to doubt Kirk’s claim of fatherhood on her.

Bokenkamp said that the number of questions raised by the arrival of Kirk into the picture is going to be the joy of Season 4 of “The Blacklist.”

The showrunner said that the revelation of Liz’s real father is really a big turn in the life of “The Blacklist.” But he warned that just because Kirk said he is Liz’s father, it does not mean that she is already free from his evil plans.

Eisendrath added that the question of whether Kirk will be going to hurt Liz or be kind to her, or plan to destroy her would be among the major things that fans should look forward to for answers when “The Blacklist” Season 4 returns to NBC this coming fall.

One thing they are certain about is that whether the father-daughter relationship of Kirk and Liz turns out for the worse or for the better, it shall eventually come out as a good thing for the already strained relationship of Red and Liz.

Bad blood continues

According to Game & Guide, the bad blood between Red and Liz shall continue in Season 4 of “The Blacklist” which shall keep the intense plotline going.

Despite the appearance of Alexander Kirk, there are still rumors going around that Red could possibly turn out to be Liz’s real father. The speculations are saying that Red had an affair with Liz’s mother Katarina Rostova, played by Lotte Verbeek.

There are also rumors saying that Red and Liz will finally have a romantic relationship in the upcoming Season 4 since Tom Keen already moved on to the spin-off TV series and is nowhere to be found during the “The Blacklist” Season 3 finale. However, most fans think that this particular set of rumors is off-target because the romantic angle between Red and Liz has never been played by “The Blacklist” from the very start.

The recent Season 3 finale of “The Blacklist” came with twists and surprises including two major shockers for Red.

The Blacklist - Season 1

It was revealed in the season finale that Liz Keen was alive and well and that her death during episode 19 was actually planned by her, Tom Keen, and Mr. Kaplan, played by Susan Blommaert so that they can finally get away from Red.

The other major surprise was the revelation that Alexander Kirk is the father of Liz.

The betrayal will surely get into the head of Red that critics are projecting that Season 4 of “The Blacklist” shall be progressively darker.

However, there is also a twist with the fact that Alexander is a long-time nemesis of Red so it is possible that Liz and Red would be on the opposite sides of the fence for Season 4.

The Season 3 finale may have indeed answered some mysteries of “The Blacklist” but it also led to more questions that the series would most likely provide answers to early in Season 4.

The other important question for fans is the whereabouts of Tom and Agnes, who were previously seen to be alive but has been nowhere to be found.

Ryan Eggold is set to star in the spin-off TV series “The Blacklist: Redemption” along with Famke Jansen so there will be more details of them when the show begins.

It was Ryan Eggold who confirmed in a recent interview that the whereabouts of Tom and Agnes will be known at the beginning of Season 4 of “The Blacklist” before they make their way to the brand-new TV series.

Prior to the Season 3 finale, many fans of “The Blacklist” were distraught with the death of Liz Keen three episodes back. Her funeral was even featured during the 20th episode of the third season.

It really brought them a huge relief to see Liz being back and alive in the Season 3 finale episode.

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