Sylvester Stallone Stops Rumors That He Is Gearing Up For New Rambo Flick!

Sylvester Stallone has been in the movie making business for a very long time. For those that think Rambo was his first big hit, you would be wrong. Rambo, on the other hand, was a great boost to his career and according to reports, it looks like it could be making its way back to the big screen. The original Rambo came after the start of the Rocky movie series, which is something that most people are not aware of.

Back in 1982, Sylvester Stallone took on the role of John Rambo in the movie “First Blood”. It was in that movie that Sylvester Stallone really showed what kind of super war hero he could be and that he was more than just a stubborn boxer. The first movie was a very good success for a movie that debuted in the early 1980’s. Sylvester Stallone was praised for his role in Rambo with critics saying that he made the character feel very human.

The allowed people to relate to others in the world that were trying to relate to what John Rambo was trying to accomplish in the movie. Rambo: First Blood Part II was released a couple of years later in 1985 with the last in the series coming in 1988. Even though all three movies were very successful, they did not get as much praise as the original did. This week, there are reports posted online that might be giving Rambo fans something to cheer about.

Rambo fans have been waiting a long time to get a new movie to watch. Even though the news reports have been declared “fake”, fans of the Rambo series were buzzing for the last few days with the news. The fake news articles stated that Sylvester Stallone was going to bring back his John Rambo role in another movie called “Last Blood”, where he takes on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Since the first movie was called “First Blood”, having the fourth installment coming this late and calling it “Last Blood”, made sense to many.

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During the Comic-Con event last week, Sylvester Stallone was reportedly talking about scouting out locations for the new movie. The “news” reports flew around the web faster than you could imagine and fans of the series responded just as fast via social media. For some, it made sense that Rambo was going to Iraq and Syria since he had already been in Vietnam, Thailand, Afghanistan and Burma while filming the other movies in the series. Some fans on Twitter called the bluff right away stating they thought it would be weird for anyone to “scout” movie locations in areas that are controlled by ISIS.

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