‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 to Introduce New Confrontations to the Polygamist Family

The polygamist family from the American reality TV series “Sister Wives” will likely have a new set of confrontations during Season 6, following the divorce between Meri and Kody, and Kody’s new formal marriage with Robyn.

Robyn and Kody are expecting a new baby, even as the divorce between Kody and Meri has been finalized for good.

Meri’s decision to divorce Kody during Season 5 has given a different twist for the show since Robyn will take on the role of the legal wife. According to US Magazine, Kody and Robyn confirmed that they are expecting a new baby, which means that the 18th child of the family is on the way.

Meri, the first legal wife, decided to end the marriage with Kody after 25 years. Reports suggest that Robyn, who has become Kody’s second legal wife, will be put in the position of having to fight for custody over her three children with her ex-husband. The legal battle will become the central theme of the show’s Season 6.

As polygamy is illegal in the United States, Kody has been in a legal battle with the Arizona state because of his polygamous relationship with the women in his house. However, Kody defends himself by saying that he is not doing anything wrong since he is legally married to only one of his wives, adding that the other relationships are of spiritual nature.

Polygamous relationships are considered as a crime punishable by five years of imprisonment. However, it is only illegal if a person engages into legal marriages with multiple persons, and spiritual relationships, such as the one in the Brown family, are not punishable by law.

“Sister Wives” began airing on TLC in 2010 with the family living in Utah. Later during the show, they moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. The show follows the life of Kody and his polygamous relationship with four female partners. The five have a total number of 17 children, aged between 4 and 20, with the 18th on the way.

The show revolves around the life of Kody, who is an advertising salesman by occupation. He lives in a polygamous relationship with four women, Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and Meri.

Meri and Kody’s marriage had already lasted for 20 years when the show started. His unions with Janelle and Christine had lasted for 17 and 16 years, respectively. Season 1 introduced his union with his fourth wife, Robyn.

Kody has one daughter with Meri, six children with Janelle, and another six children with Christine. When Kody met Robyn, she already had three children from her previous marriage and later she gave birth to a son of Kody’s.

The family belongs to a Mormon fundamentalist church called The Apostolic United Brethren. Their most familiar belief is the one regarding plural marriage, which is considered to be the essential part of reaching glory in heaven.

sister wives

Season 1 premiered on September 26, 2010, and lasted until November 21, 2010. The season followed Kody and his three wives with 12 children living in a home that was made of three apartments. Also during the premiere season, Kody met and got engaged to Robyn. The story mainly followed jealousy between the wives upon the inclusion of Robyn into the family.

Season 2 aired from March 13 to November 27, 2011, and it had a total of 23 episodes. The show followed the lives of the family as they visited friends and family members throughout the series. It aimed to show how the relationships of the family members have changed from the point where they had first engaged in a polygamous relationship.


  1. Janelle is the brains behind the family success. Christine excels in faith. Meri is the rock, the firm footing. Robyn is the fun, sexy one and drives the energy train through the roof with natural ease and grace.

  2. Plural marriage is the best when all the pieces fall into place to work perfectly together in harmony and grace. It takes work and sacrifice to achieve happiness for others, disregarding the self. Giving and never taking is the key to polygamy. Not all of the Browns have taken this to heart yet.

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