Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan Headline First Poster and Trailer for Creed!

While “Creed” may be a titular movie for upstart young actor Michael B. Jordan as he plays the role of Adonis Johnson, the son of Apollo Creed, the film is still very much a Sylvester Stallone movie and this was very evident when the first official trailer of poster of “Creed” was released.

The first poster of “Creed” showed Michael B. Jordan sharing top billing honors with Sylvester Stallone and has the kicker that goes ‘Your legacy is more than a name.’ It also indicated that the movie will hit theaters on Thanksgiving Day, or on November 25.

Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson is seen wearing a boxing outfit complete with gloves with a shiny half-shirt with hood while Sylvester Stallone as his mentor Rocky Balboa is shown wearing his familiar retired boxing outfit complete with a black sweatshirt and a fedora. They were obviously in the middle of the boxing ring and Stallone seems to be motivating Jordan to be better like his father, notes Flickering Myth.

In the official trailer of “Creed,” it was shown how Adonis must prove himself to be as special as his father Apollo Creed was so Rocky will help him train to become a boxer, details Comic Book Resources.

A ‘Rocky’ spinoff movie

“Creed” is actually a spinoff movie of the “Rocky” franchise and it is obvious that Sylvester Stallone does not have full hands on the movie as he is just an actor in it.

In his past “Rocky” movies, he has took on the roles of actor, writer, director, and also producer so his Rocky Balboa role reprisal in “Creed” is just an acting job for the 68-year-old action star.

“Creed” is being helmed by Ryan Coogler, who was known for his work in “Fruitvale Station,” from a script that he co-wrote with Aaron Covington.

Given the scenario, it is likely that Stallone may still reprise his Rocky Balboa role in a closure movie for his “Rocky” film franchise that has seen five movies thus far.

Just last year, Stallone said that he is planning to put a closure to his iconic roles as Rocky Balboa and John Rambo, hinting that he will do one final movie each for the “Rocky” and the “Rambo” movie series.

Training to become a boxer

While he is the biggest star in “Creed,” it is obvious that it is not his movie but that of promising young actor Michael B. Jordan.

A trailer of the movie has been released recently and it showed Rocky Balboa picking up Adonis from prison, where he has been put in isolation after fighting with fellow inmates.

Although they hardly know each other, Rocky decided to take Adonis under his wing because he knows Apollo as a great man. But Adonis spurns his father and says that Apollo has nothing to do with him.

Instead of getting piqued with the seeming stubbornness of Adonis, Rocky decided not to give up on the lad and became his teacher and trainer in the boxing ring.

Sylvester Stallone Photos

Rocky started training Adonis and prepare him to fight for the title of heavyweight boxing champion of the world, just like him and his late friend Apollo. The boxing veteran saw in Adonis the strength and determination he had known in Apollo even as he battles an opponent more deadly than he previously faced in the ring.

Just like the “Rocky” series, “Creed” is shot in Philadelphia, which is also the venue of the match between the legendary Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa several decades ago.

In addition to Jordan and Stallone, “Creed” also stars newcomers Phylicia Rashad, Anthony Bellew, and Tessa Thompson.

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