Survey Shows 82% of Gamers Who Played the Gameplay Demo will Purchase ‘Final Fantasy XV’

If the recent optional survey conducted by game developer Square Enix among gamers who recently purchased ‘Final Fantasy Type-O HD’ is any indication, the highly-anticipated and much-awaited role-playing game “Final Fantasy XV” would surely be a big hit.

Square Enix reported that it has shipped over one million copies of “Final Fantasxy Type-O HD,’ its latest entry to the franchise, and based on the optional survey that came with the game, the developer found out that 82% of those who purchased it actually wanted to play “Episode Duscae.”

“Episode Duscae” is the gameplay demo for “Final Fantasy XV” and the fact that gamers who purchased “Final Fantasy Type-O HD” did so to play the demo excites Square Enix all the more for its video game set to be release to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Square Enix has yet to reveal the official release date of “Final Fantasy XV,” though there have been previous hints that the game could either come out later this year or early next year.

Not to be overlooked

Although it appears that many gamers purchased “Final Fantasy Type-O HD” simply for the gameplay demo of “Final Fantasy XV,” the new game itself should not be overlooked, cites The Sixth Axis.

Some of the game critics who played “Final Fantasy Type-O HD” said that it is a slightly more active and more engaging iteration of the traditional Final Fantasy experience. It also works well even if it is not using its traditional platform.

They also added that “Final Fantasy Type-O HD” is a good focal point for those gamers who have had the Final Fantasy experience before but eventually left to focus on other games to return to the game and feel differently without having to be completely lost at all. It’s also ideal for those who are new into the game.

Perfecting the game

Just last week, reports came out that Square Enix will be using the graphics technology called Luminous Studio to further finetune the graphics quality of the video game some notches higher. The technology allows for 8K by 8K textures and a resolution that gives very sharp images since it features 63 million polygons per scene.

final fantasy xv

As a new graphics technology, Luminous Studio was presented and discussed by Polygon during the Microsoft Build Developers Conference early in May while running on DirectX 12 for Windows.

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