‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Will See Sam and Dean Getting a Blast from the Past!

Season 11 of the American horror fantasy TV series “Supernatural” will premiere on The CW on October 7 and based on the latest reports, aside from working together to take on The Darkness, which was unleashed during the Season 10 finale, the Winchester brothers will also get a blast from the past.

According to the International Business Times, Sam, played by Jared Padalecki, and Dean, played by Jensen Ackles, will reunite with fan-favorite characters from earlier episodes of “Supernatural.”

It was actually showrunner Jeremy Carver who disclosed the particular information on the long-running series during the ComicCon 2015 held in San Diego, California in July when he said that key actors will reprise their characters in Season 11 but in surprising ways.

The executive producer added that the return of key characters becomes necessary as Sam and Dean contend with The Darkness. The Winchester brothers need all the help they can get to defeat The Darkness and send it back to where it rightfully belongs so any support from key characters from the past would be most welcome.

Jensen Ackles also said during a recent interview that the big bad in Season 11 of “Supernatural” is actually a pre-Biblical entity and it will take the form of a woman. The Darkness, he added, will be the biggest enemy yet of the Winchester boys.

An unknown force

Ackles also added that The Darkness is more of a primal force that both Sam and Dean know nothing about, which is why they will find it difficult to defeat.

He added that there is no lore, no guidebook, or no instruction manual on how to deal with The Darkness so Sam and Dean will need every help they can get, both from friends and foes from the past, to take down the powerful entity.

The actor explained that the Winchester siblings will have to make some unexpected and unholy alliances involving characters from their past, which will have personal ramifications as well.

Jared Padalecki also hinted the same in a separate interview, saying that there might be some latent powers rustling around in the Season 11 of “Supernatural.”

He added that The Darkness certainly opens the door for Lucifer and God to pop up in “Supernatural” Season 11, adding that the TV series certainly is going a bit more biblical and having its take on the writings that did not make it into the Bible, notes Enstarz.

Biggest bad yet

It has been said that the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean will be facing their toughest challenge yet in Season 11 of “Supernatural.”

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles confirmed during the ComicCon 2015 that the Winchester brothers will be battling against the swarm of gloom which The Darkness will bring.

They also confirmed that the Season 11 premiere will pick up where the Season 10 series finale left off, about the time when The Darkness starts consuming the world.

Supernatural Season 10

During the series finale of Season 10, Rowena freed The Darkness from its confinement by conjuring up a spell to remove the Mark of Cain, which has been keeping the destructive primordial entity contained. The annihilation of the Mark of Cain actually saved Dean from demonhood but allowed the tsunami of evil to flood the earth. It also trapped the brothers in their beloved Impala.

The Darkness, which accordingly even God could not destroy, is to be the series biggest bad in a long time.

Showrunner Jeremy Carver said that The Darkness is something of a bedtime story that people have heard about but not dealt with it at all. He says that it puts all of the animals of the kingdom on high alert.

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