Still no News on Mafia 3 after Teaser by Rick Pasqualone, Is the Game a Possibility for This Year

A few months ago, we got rumors that “Mafia 3” was in the works, started by Rick Pasqualone, who voiced the protagonist in the second title. In a tweet on his official account, he said that fans of the “Mafia” franchise can expect to hear exciting news very soon. The post immediately generated a lot of hype, and many stated speculating about an upcoming “Mafia 3”. After all, there weren’t many other things the actor could be referencing.

However, that was over two months ago, and not a lot has happened since then. We’re yet to hear any news about the game, and the studio has been keeping quiet about a possible sequel. Pasqualone himself hasn’t made any additional comments after the original one, which has led some fans to question the first tweet itself.

According to some, it’s possible that the actor caught wind of internal rumors about the studio preparing to work on a new title, but wasn’t clear about the timing, and released the news prematurely. On the other hand, the wording of the tweet was a bit peculiar. If he expected the studio to release news “very soon”, then they must already have some material prepared for showing to the public.

Which would imply that they’re already in a somewhat advanced stage of the game’s development – which, in turn, would mean that Pasqualone should have already contributed work to the title. With that in mind, if the actor really did know something about the game and was expecting the studio to come out with the news “soon”, he had likely already seen the game’s development himself.

So, what was the actor talking about, and was his claim based on something he had seen himself, or was he just referencing rumors that he has no official information about? With the lack of any news about “Mafia 3” since his tweet, and Pasqualone’s own silence, both are possible, and it’s hard to tell where the truth lies right now.

mafia 3

It’s also possible that the studio got in touch with the actor and requested him to keep quiet about the game for now. Actually, some critics have pointed out something related to that – if he is currently working on “Mafia 3”, Pasqualone would most likely be under an NDA, so he shouldn’t even be talking about upcoming news if that was the case. That could undermine the credibility of any rumors coming from the actor himself, making the situation even more complicated. But the fact remains that two months have passed and we still have no news about “Mafia 2” at all.

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