Steam Hit by Major Security Breach, Many Accounts Hacked!

Activating Steam Guard is a must nowadays, not just in the context of issues like this but in general. With Steam being as popular as it is, it’s reasonable to assume that it’s going to be regularly targeted by security attacks and incidents like this are going to become even more prominent in the future.

Hopefully Valve were able to resolve everything on the backend before the issue spread out of control, but it would appear that a lot of damage has already been done. Users are strongly displeased with the situation, and a quick glance at popular gaming forums is enough to confirm that.

The main issue that people seem to have is not so much with the fact that the hack happened though – after all, we’ve learned to accept that nobody is safe from security exploits – it’s in the way Valve have been communicating with their users about the issue.

They are known to be relatively silent and secretive in general, but in an incident like this, sending out a mass e-mail to warn users to keep their accounts in check should be one of the first actions they take. The situation is still developing, so affected users should follow the news and social media for information over the next few days.


  1. It’s worth noting that there is, and always has been, a 7 day hold on any trading or gifting from any account once it has been accessed from a computer not previously associated with that account.
    No one will have their precious diamondback-rusted-fade CS:GO knife skin stolen.

  2. Valve’s hack notification system is bullshit. When i was notified the hacker already took everything : steam password and steam e-mail. This happened on on August, the 23th.Following Steam procedures i discovered that my Steam email was reset to another one so i couldn’t get into Steam by changing my password. This might happen online, i haven’t blamed anyone (even if, probably, the overall security system is low, given Valve’s online business). However, the worst thing was realizing how little Valve care about hacked accounts. My ticket is well formed and still pending on their support tool. Not even an acknowledgement until today. Not even an answer. I am totally invisible to them. What do i think ? They have REALLY serious and MASSIVE troubles with hackers lately. I’m considering to leave Steam and of course, given my experience, i won’t recommend it to anyone, until they PUBLICLY prove they have less vulnerable security systems.I had about 30 (paid) game titles in Steam. They should just stop talking and start investing in a support organization that really works, or they will simply lose their paying customers.

    1. Hi @moonrainbow, did you ever get your account back? I had mine hacked on 28/08/2015 and they still haven’t replied to the ticket I created on 29/08/2015. It is disgraceful.

  3. Bob it can take 6 weeks for you to get a response from Steam Support.

    By that time your account is empty and depending on the mood of the CSR you may not get your items back.

    Beyond this you can steal another persons account by sweet talking Steam Support and claiming the person who is logging in isn’t the actual owner.

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