Sister Wives Season 6: Meri Brown Makes Strange Posts on Twitter, Worrying Fans!

Meri Brown has generally been an active Twitter user, and it doesn’t surprise anyone to see a string of Tweets from her on a regular basis. She usually aims for inspirational and deep posts, or at least as much as she can fit of this type of content in the 140-character limit that Twitter has. However, last Sunday night, the star started posting some rather peculiar messages which quickly alarmed her fans and made people wonder if she was okay.

She started out with “Having faith in the unseen can be so hard sometimes”, and then she posted “Gotta just pull up your bootstraps and deal. And trust. Always trust.”, prompting many of her fans to ask her if she was okay. There was speculation that the posts could have something to do with the star’s recent divorce, as season 5 of the show saw the confirmation that she was separating from her husband Kody Brown, with whom she’s been for the last 24 years.

Recently, during a confessional session on the show, she admitted that the divorce has indeed be quite hard on her in some cases, and she has apparently been finding it difficult to deal with the situation as a whole most of the time. However, she has a very good reason for that divorce, something that few people would likely understand, which is why she has been so confident about her situation and seems convinced that this is the right decision.

She reportedly wanted the divorce in order to allow her ex-husband to marry his fourth spiritual wife, Robyn, who is already pregnant with Kody’s child. The family is hoping that a legitimate relationship like that would improve Kody’s chances of adopting Robyn’s children from her last relationship. The situation has been somewhat controversial, but the family has also seen a lot of support from their fans and even people who aren’t following the show.

Many of Meri’s fans were trying to contact her after her recent posts on Twitter, wanting to figure out if she was okay and wishing her well. Meri then sent out another tweet, saying “Even just a small loss is a loss. Sometimes you wonder how you’ll deal with something you’ve had, and now it’s gone”. This doesn’t leave many possible interpretations to those reading it, and it’s becoming pretty clear that she’s talking about her divorce.

And while Meri has been quiet most of the time and didn’t respond to her fans’ prompts for a while, she eventually did reply to one particular poster, reassuring them that she’s fine and she’s been dealing with a lot of emotions lately.

This came as a huge relief to all of her fans who have been getting increasingly more anxious about the current situation of the star, but we still don’t know how exactly she’s feeling, and what her next steps might be. Those tweets came as a bit of a surprise to most of her fans, and it looks like the situation around her might not be as pretty as we were once led to believe.

Sister Wives Season 6

We don’t know how things are on the other side of the equation as well – it’s probably even more difficult for Meri knowing that her husband is still out there, but will be dedicating his emotions to someone else for the time being. In a time like this, people usually turn to their loved ones for help, but in this case, that’s not really an option.

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