Steam Hit by DDoS Attack, Server Issues Lead to Leaked User Information!

Even though the issue was resolved in the end and Steam’s servers are now back online – with a brief outage in the Community services reported today – this was still a very harsh blow to Valve.

The attack left them without their store during the single busiest day of the year, and it could have easily cost the company thousands of dollars in lost sales, not to mention the costs associated with recovering from the disastrous situation. On top of it all, company employees had to work during the holidays in order to stay on top of the problem.

While many are sympathetic with Valve, this sentiment seems to be growing thinner and thinner every time something like this happens. People are paying more attention to the poor state of the company’s public relations at this point, and their once stellar reputation is now on very thin ice.

Many seem to believe that the studio has lost its way, and they’ve focused far too much on making money from selling games right now. Valve haven’t really made any news with their own titles lately, but that’s a separate issue and arguably not as serious as the fact that the single largest market for PC games is in such a poor condition in terms of reliability and customer support.

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